aperm Array TranspositionDescriptionTranspose an array by permuting its dimensions and optionally resizing it.Usageaperm(a, perm, ...)## Default S3 method:aperm(a, perm = NULL, resize = TRUE, ...)## .....[Read more]


any Are Some Values True?DescriptionGiven a set of logical vectors, is at least one of the values true?Usageany(..., na.rm = FALSE)Arguments...zero or more logical vectors. Other objects of zero leng.....[Read more]


all.names Find All Names in an ExpressionDescriptionReturn a character vector containing all the names which occur in an expression or call.Usageall.names(expr, functions = TRUE, max.names = -1L, uni.....[Read more]


all.equal Test if Two Objects are (Nearly) EqualDescriptionall.equal(x, y) is a utility to compare R objects x and y testing `near equality'. If they aredifferent, comparison is still made to some ex.....[Read more]


all Are All Values True?DescriptionGiven a set of logical vectors, are all of the values true?Usageall(..., na.rm = FALSE)Arguments...zero or more logical vectors. Other objects of zero length are ig.....[Read more]


agrep Approximate String Matching (Fuzzy Matching)DescriptionSearches for approximate matches to pattern (the first argument) within each element of the string x (the second argument) using the gener.....[Read more]


abbreviate Abbreviate StringsDescriptionAbbreviate strings to at least minlength characters, such that they remain unique (if they were), unless strict = TRUE.Usageabbreviate(names.arg, minlength = 4.....[Read more]


.Platform Platform Specific VariablesDescription.Platform is a list with some details of the platform under which R was built. This provides meansto write OS-portable R code.Usage.PlatformValueA list.....[Read more]


.Machine Numerical Characteristics of the MachineDescription.Machine is a variable holding information on the numerical characteristics of the machine R is running on, such as the largest double or i.....[Read more]


cut Convert Numeric to FactorDescriptioncut divides the range of x into intervals and codes the values in x according to which interval they fall. The leftmost interval corresponds to level one, the .....[Read more]

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